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Le Trail de la Valserine

4-5 juin 2022

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Yoga in Nature

With a total distance of 105 km and 4700D+ the route of the 2022 Valserine Trail Run, will be divided into 8 loops of 10 to 17 km, each with a different course.

Trail runners will not have to decide on the distance of their race when they register. The "open" distance of this trail varies from 12 km minimum (1 loop) to a maximum of 104 km (8 loops).

All loops will have the same starting and ending point - ‘Le Camping des Géorennes’, located in the commune of Champfromier, which will also be the common refreshment point for each loop.

The loops must be made in numerical order regardless of the number of loops carried out.


    The 2022 Valserine Trail is of course a race and that is what we intended! But we also envisaged a beautiful weekend in the heart of the Haut-Jura Natural Park.

    The weekend of the 4/ 5 June will also be a social event. In addition to the two meals offered, there will also be music on the Saturday evening.  Come along with your family, your parents or children will be able to encourage you and enjoy a walk along the banks of the rivers Valserine or Volverine.

    There will be something for everyone in the Valserine Valley. So come along to run, but above all come and spend a beautiful weekend in the heart of our picturesque Valley.

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